Hello all, 

Despite the alarming increase of covid cases throughout the country, Averte has remained covid free and continues to operate as close to normal operations as possible.  Averte continues to limit cross traffic throughout the programs while maintaining in person therapy and groups. 

As Averte has programs in both Vermont and New Hampshire, we are governed by both states.  Thus, the covid vaccination process and timing will differ depending on which state your family member resides in.  Each state is offering a vaccination date for all clients and staff to be vaccinated within the program, eliminating many visits to a vaccination site. As a congregate living environment, Averte theoretically could be looking at a vaccination date in the middle to late December.  Averte will survey all clients by the end of this week for their desire to be or not to be vaccinated.  Please have a conversation with your family member about the vaccination, feel free to reach out to us if you require a discussion.  Averte will need to give the number of vaccinations needed to each state. 

Thank you for your continued support.


The Averte Team