Main House



The Main Campus houses our clinical program and is generally the first place a Resident will stay when arriving at Averte. Here they receive detailed assessment, counseling, and medication management to help them stabilize and look toward the future. An individual may move on to another residence after a period of time, or stay here at the Main House. The Main House offers 24-7 general supervision with awake overnight staff and the largest number of support staff. The administrative offices are also attached to this residence.

The Main House offers a wide range of convenient activities for Residents. There is a game room, entertainment room, in-ground pool, hiking trails, gardens, art space and fitness area.

This house has 2 kitchens; one staffed for preparing lunch and dinner, the other is open to residents who wish to prepare their own breakfast. With ten private bedrooms, four bathrooms, two on-site apartments, an on-site cabin, and a beautiful attached suite, the Main House is a unique combination of enlivened activity and nurturing support. A starting point to a better life.

Hanover House



The Hanover House provides needed support to individuals preparing to transition into an independent living situation or just need a little help day to day. This house is located in picturesque Hanover, New Hampshire, within walking distance to Dartmouth College. The urban environment provides the benefits of public transportation, easy access to education and ample employment opportunitites. For those transitioning into an independent living situation, plans are created which center around daily living skills, meal preperation, medication education and symptom management. Individual therapy, group therapy and in-house psychiatric care are available.

After care services are readily accessible to all Hanover House Residents transitioning into the community. These services continue the personal care and support the Resident received and are available as long as needed. Individuals are encouraged to succeed at their own pace, to their own level. We give them the tools and the support they need to find their way to a healthy life.

Gray House



The first thing you notice about the Gray House is the coziness. From the colonial era tin ceilings to the bright airy bedrooms, there’s a feeling of warmth that embraces everyone who enters. The Gray House is the smallest of Averte, providing care for only 8 full-time Residents. This is home to people who require a less restrictive environment. Some are working toward independent living and most are either employed or volunteering their services within the community.

The house provides a gentle transition from the more structured conditions of the Main House and the independent living of the Hanover House. Our Residents enjoy overnight camping, college classes, vacation trips, and many other supervised activities. These Residents are given the opportunity to form lives of their own, under the watchful eye of our Therapist and support staff.

Bradford House



The Bradford House is our Residential Care Home offering a stable, secure environment for people who need continual, closely monitored care. It offers a nurturing family atmosphere in a classic New England styled home. The rooms are large, with an abundance of natural light. Hardwood floors, a fireplace, and comfortable furnishings complete the calming atmosphere. Support at the Bradford House includes; 24 hour staffing, complete medical management, full-time cook and housekeeping, and in-house psychiatric care.

A low calorie, low fat diet is provided for all Residents. Daily supervised activities for the Residents include; trips to the bowling alley, shopping malls, hiking, art classes, and more. Many of the Residents at the Bradford House have lived here a long time, thinking of each other and the staff as members of their own family.

Cape House



The Cape house is a 2 Bedroom house in a residential neighborhood approximately 1/2 mile from our Gray House. This is an unsupervised home used for independent living. The individuals at the Cape house are supervised by the Gray house staff. Individuals living at the Cape house have access to groups, individual therapy, activities and meals via the Gray House.

The Cottage

The Cottage is a single person residence built on the grounds of the main farm offering a greater level of independence with a great deal of support just steps away when needed.

Pleasant St Apartments

Pleasant Street was added in 2001 to use for independent living opportunities.  Pleasant street has three one bedroom apartments. This home is located within walking distance of downtown.