Averte – Covid update April 3, 2020

Again happy to report we are status quo, healthy and in good spirits.

Averte has made several changes facility wise to afford more social isolation while assisting with medication. We continue to take temps of staff entering the programs, quiz staff and staff as minimally as possible.   Telehealth continues to work smoothly for the most part, due to Dartmouth being proactive internally we have had to be creative with Psychiatry time, and are continuing to make positive changes.

The executive team meets daily to connect and plan.  We also meet twice a week with other residential facilities through telecommunications around the country via the ARTA organization to share ideas and strategies.

PPE continues to be an issue with all medical organizations.  Averte has ordered extensively, but have received little, we have commissioned a local seamstress who has agreed to make washable masks for us, we look forward to having more soon.

Our IT guru is working hard at purchasing upgrades and maximizing out bandwidth for our clients to have the ability to stream easier and stay connected with family,  clinical and of course, Netflix.

Thank you for remaining optimistic with us, we are resilient and looking forward to better days.



Averte Executive Team