Averte Visitation Policy – 6/19/20

Hello all,

Averte and Vermont continue to make small changes in our efforts to get closer to pre-covid operations.  Although this will be  a long journey, one small step we are talking is with visitation.  Below is our policy, please contact the program manager in the designated house to set up a visit.   Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


                                                          Averte outdoor visitation policy as of 6/19/20 


Visitation may occur under the following conditions. 

  1. Visitation must be scheduled in advance and agreed upon by the client and Averte via phone and will only happen outside on Averte property.  No off campus visits or vehicle rides until further notice. 
  2. Visitors will screen themselves for symptoms including taking their temperature prior to leaving home and completing a form emailed from Averte. Temperature and questions will be reviewed  again upon arrival to Averte. A temperature of 99.1 or higher will be cause for refusal of visit.  
  3. No more than two visitors at a time, with one visitation per day maximum per Client. 
  4. Visitors, clients and staff will wear masks for the entire visit, use hand sanitizer and remain 6 feet apart. No contact will be allowed at this time. 
  5. No items may be transferred between client and visitor, staff will assist and sanitize anything to be given. 
  6. All visitations will be documented and tracked, including maintaining a log of times and dates of all visitors, and their contact information. 
  7. All visits will be held to the maximum of one hour. 
  8. Signage will be visible for social distancing reminders. 
  9. All visitors must be within driving distance and to come directly to Averte without making stops on the way.


Do you feel you are safe to visit? 


Per the Vermont Governor, people traveling for essential purposes do not need to quarantine.

 This includes travel for personal safety, medical care, care of others, parental shared custody, for food, beverage or medicine, or to perform work for businesses that are currently allowed to operate.  Please use your discretion as to whether your visit is essential or if you have been quarantining for at least 14 days where you have been previous to your visit. 


Of course, we remain committed to the safety of our Clients, please keep this in mind when planning a visit. If adhering to these conditions are not possible for you at this time, we are happy to utilize video meetings to keep you connected as much as possible.