New Music Therapy Program

At Averte, a Trivium Life Services company, we are continuously working to keep our therapy group offerings interesting and relevant to our milieu. We’re happy to share our latest addition to our therapy group offerings, Music Therapy with Clinical Director, Shanna Meyer, MA, LCMHC, MT-BC.

Music therapy is the evidence-based clinical use of music to facilitate a therapeutic process toward individualized goals. This may include listening, analyzing lyrics, singing, playing instruments, or composing music. Music therapy offers many psychological, emotional, social, physiological and spiritual benefits including but not limited to: improving memory, enhancing communication and self-expression, reducing muscle tension, lowering blood pressure, managing pain, increasing motivation, facilitating self-reflection, and fostering self-regulation. Music therapy groups at Averte are tailored to the needs and preferences of group participants with consideration to both individual strengths and goals as well as group cohesion and connection.

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