Averte COVID-19  March 18, 2020 7am

Averte COVID-19  March 18, 2020 7am


Averte is active, on task and continually adapting to the COVID-19 crisis.  It is hourly and diverse. Covering the full spectrum of our company internally and externally.  

Last week global operational changes were made to housekeeping and steps toward social distancing with outside connections.  These were effective and further tightened over the last two days by limiting flow between houses for a more internal company distancing model.  People are responding well though generally confusing to everyone as this evolves.

Averte has experienced no symptoms to date.  

Today, we focused more heavily on supplies, schedules, programming and critical appointments with respective professionals.  Averte will be using audio and video for psychiatric appointments and other needs. All social outings have been cancelled and an increased focus on activities within Averte. 

Averte has been in close contact with Freedom Pharmacy and have been reassured that 60-90 days of medication is secured with more being secured soon. 

Mid to long-term needs are constantly on our minds.  Facility options increased with 2 isolation apartments ready in case of need.  Personal Protective Equipment is limited globally and we are doing our best. 

Coalitions formulating locally and we are collaborating with peer industry leaders around the country to create the knowledge and supports required to manage in this difficult time.

State of Emergency declarations from;



New Hampshire:


Please keep in mind, our clients’ lives will change as ours will.  All effort is continuing to give the best treatment possible under the current conditions.  



The Averte Team