As coronavirus (COVID-19) has begun to spread in the United States, we know that many of you have already taken steps to ensure your family’s well being. We want to assure you that Averte is committed to be your partner in keeping you, your family, and all our employees safe and healthy.

We’ve been monitoring the situation closely and following recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and information continually received from the Vermont and New Hampshire State Departments of Health.  We’ve implemented several changes for our employees and clients, including travel restrictions, cancellations of conferences, group gatherings, and postponing or canceling meetings that involve large numbers.

We have increased our general cleaning practices of all contact surfaces to multiple times a day and have ample supply of nitrile gloves, disinfecting wipes and tissue.  Countertop hand sanitizer is limited at this time so our focus is on constant reminders and education for hand washing, covering coughs and social distancing.  

We’ve initiated an “Ask the Question” strategy to all planned visitors and prefer to limit on-site quests.  

  • Ask the Question if potential visitors has traveled to infected areas
  • Ask the Question if potential visitors have flu like symptoms or have been in contact with anyone with flu like symptoms
  • Ask the Question if the visit could be postponed  

In lieu of direct contact we have the ability to set up video conferencing with your family member or our staff through Google Meets.  Google Meets is a HIPAA compliant software but only to the extent the remote party is connected through a like compliant utility so please keep that in mind when requesting this option.

As with many of you, we are discussing this issue constantly and the effort of our team has been outstanding.  

We will continue to respond to the latest on COVID‑19 with client and employee safety a top priority.  As always, we will strive to create a safe and enjoyable experience at Averte.