Averte Update 10-16-20

Hello all,

As feared, the increased tourist traffic in our area along with the return of the college students has resulted in a small increase in covid cases in adjacent counties. As we keep a close eye on this, we have temporarily increased our restrictions. Averte’s Hanover program is in Grafton County, currently orange on the map. In response, we will be limiting the traffic between the Vermont programs and the Hanover program. If the numbers continue to increase, it is likely that all visitation will be suspended for a period of time to ensure the ongoing safety of the Averte community. Averte will continue to assist with staying in touch with your loved ones through video calls as often as possible.

The Vermont travel map is updated on Tuesdays, Averte will follow with an update of our visitation restrictions each Wednesday at the least, more often if conditions change. Please keep in mind, Averte is observing additional restrictions as we are keeping an entire population safe.

Thank you for your continued support.

The Averte Team

Current visitation reminder:

Per VT State law, visiting is restricted to those from a green county on the vermont map, Cross State Travel Information, or quarantining for 7 days and having a negative PCR test, or 14 days quarantining and being asymptomatic. Averte requires a discussion about your quarantine process and a copy of the negative test prior to visit. Any travel by public transportation requires a minimum of a 7 day quarantine and a negative test.

Quarantine means staying at a home or dwelling before doing any activities outside of the home, like grocery shopping or getting together with friends or family. People in quarantine should separate themselves from others and check themselves for symptoms. Learn more about quarantine. We strongly encourage anyone in quarantine to sign up for daily symptom check reminders.