Averte Update

Hi all,
We hope this finds all well.  Although Averte continues to be covid free, we are entering Fall in Vermont.  As picturesque and pleasant Vermont is in the Fall, it also brings allergy season, influenza and the return of school.
Averte will track allergy symptoms closely to prevent overreaction and unnecessary isolation.  Averte is currently talking with our local clinic to bring in a medical team to give the influenza injections to our clients and staff in an effort to keep our exposure lower by not transporting clients to a public clinic.  There are many students returning to the area, especially around our Hanover program and we will closely monitor the schools protocols, outbreaks and their responses to mitigate concerns.
As of 9/8, Grafton County (Hanover included) has 9 active cases and the town of Hanover, NH has between 1 and 4 active cases.  Our Vermont programs are part of Orange county, which has had a total of 21 cases for the year with 1 current active case.  The town of Bradford Vermont has had only one case.  As we track these numbers, we will respond accordingly. This may result in closing again to visitors as well as some of the activities, meetings, therapies and other off property events.
As the leaf lover season begins, the increase traffic may result in changes within programs.  We constantly review the States most current and up to date data and guidelines.  Also, please keep in mind that we have additional limitations through our state licensing departments for admissions and visitation.  Our licensing criteria is what distinguishes an out of state tourist visiting Vermont or New Hampshire from out of state family members visiting a specific and more densely populated licensed care facility in Vermont or New Hampshire.
We are happy to discuss any visit via phone or zoom.   We understand this can be frustrating and confusing as each State adapts independently to a broad array of concerns and conflicting data.  Our sole intent is safety.
Travel restrictions to Vermont are always available here :  Dept of health webiste.
New Hampshire COVID web site:  https://www.nh.gov/covid19/
In addition to the overall changes, weather in Vermont will once again bless us with a winter season.  This change will remove the tent for outside visits and groups.  An update with a replacement for this will soon follow.
We thank you for your continued patience and understanding.
The Averte Team