Covid – 19 March 20, 9:30am

First, thank you for your support with our temporary implementation of the “No Visitor’s” policy. We know how disappointing this can be for you and your loved one, but in the long run, it is so important to limit the potential unknown contagions. We are ready with technology to help you connect with your loved one through videoconferencing. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer. The old-fashioned telephone works great as well.

Averte continues to….

  • train, educate and remind clients and staff on all levels regarding prevention strategies and protocols.
  • aggressively clean and sanitize our environment and encourage good hygiene habits.
  • employ creative and varied means to secure the types of supplies that are in limited quantities to support our work.
  • create activities in-house to replace the outings typically taken.
  • utilize telemedicine for all psychiatric/medical needs.
  • practice social distancing.
  • work diligently to increase activities and the availability of on-site comfort items for purchase that your loved one might typically buy during an outing. With the state of the world where life just isn’t “normal” right now, we want to try to inject whatever elements of typical life as possible.
  • monitor the situation through the CDC, our professional groups/colleagues, health care providers, and state/regional Departments of Health to make the very best decisions we can with the ever-changing information, data and recommendations.
  • have two apartments ready if the need to isolate an individual is indicated.

Perhaps for all of us, the biggest impact is the uncertainty and uneasiness that we all are feeling during this national/world crisis. Please trust that we are aware of this very important effect and continue to work tirelessly to support your loved one’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Please join us in optimism that our extensive and timely interventions serve to help our community successfully navigate the Coronavirus challenges and threats.