Averte Covid-19 March 21, 2020

Averte Staff,


Thank you.


Thank you all for adapting to this very uncertain time, and for your continued support and hard work.  Averte’s efforts to manage the Coronavirus Pandemic is unique because of the mental health needs of our clients. We recognize how this impacts the important role you all play in making a difference for our clients, and each other at Averte. COVID-19 has shown us how similar our human needs are and how we all are in this together. 


COVID-19 has presented many unique challenges for everyone. Mostly new ones with unknown challenges yet ahead of us. One of our goals is to communicate effectively and clearly with you.  We will start by sharing information sent to the State of Vermont this afternoon. It is a status summary covering a few categories designed by the CDC. You can also look on our website News Feed https://averte.com/news/ where posts are made.  


We have adopted many of the recommendations suggested by the CDC and State governments. Hand washing, contact surface cleaning and internal and external social distancing is extremely important in our setting.  Over the coming weeks we will expand upon them with an increased focus on middle to long-term goals.


Please reach out to managers if you have any concerns, suggestions or questions.  


Thank you all again for coming together to carry out our Mission at Averte and for supporting one another during this very uncertain time. 


Averte Covid-19 March 21, 2020


Summary of current status and effort:

  • Averte is symptom free at this time.   
  • We are in complete lock down. Only essential people are allowed at each House. For example: 
    • No Visitors, no admissions, no outings, in-house programming only.
    • Delivery entry into Houses are diverted as much as possible
  • Telemedicine and video conferencing is fully utilized.
  • Confirmed and sourced Medication for a minimum of 60 days.
  • Implemented increased disinfection of contact surfaces
  • Reinforced teaching of Hand Washing and Social Distancing.
  • Secured two isolation apartments in Vermont and one in Hanover NH.
    • Identified the need for PPE supplies if isolation/quarantine is required
    • Requested PPE from Vermont DLP weblink.
  • Staffing levels are normal at this time. 
    • Reviewed potential staffing model options over the next few weeks.
    • Limiting staff movement between houses.
    • Network about additional coverage availability: Past employees
  • Food and supplies are sufficient at this time.
    • Prepare and Freeze extra meals for Averte and the community if needed.
  • Contacted Vermont Department of Health per CDC checklist. State response pending.
  • Networking daily with local,regional and national peers and leaders in our Industry. 
  • Information and recommendations are in great abundance, but the products to carry them out are not. 
    • Guidelines for what we need regarding PPE, masks and particulars are not clear, nor is the supply we need rediably available.


Conclusion:  As with others, we are all over it but not on top of it…


Vermont Dept. of Licensing and Protection:


Vermont Dept. of Licensing and Protection COVID-19 link:


Vermont Department of Health: