This has been a very long two weeks for our clients and staff. The additional precautions of another lockdown as well as wearing even more PPE takes its toll on everyone. Yesterday we were informed by the State of Vermont that our employee that tested positive on January 27th was in fact not positive. It was determined there was an error at the lab, instead of calling it an invalid test and testing again, it was deemed a positive. As this error was discovered, the result was changed to a false positive. The state requested the person to be retested, which was performed and returned as negative. The State has removed all increased precautions, has put Averte back to covid free, and apologized for the error.

Averte has worked diligently to keep our community safe, from wearing PPE, limiting travel and sacrificing in more ways we are able to share. With a great deal of pride as we close in on one year since our initial lockdown, we reclaim our covid free status.

On Sunday the 7th, 18 staff and clients in our Hanover program received their first round of the pfizer vaccination and will receive their second on February 28th.

On Tuesday the 9th, 42 staff and clients from our Vermont programs received their second dose of the Pfizer vaccine and another 36 received their first dose of the pfizer vaccine and will receive their second on March 2nd.

As the vaccination program with the State of Vermont increases, we hope to receive new guidance on visitation and travel. Once these guidelines change, we will update our policies and publish them on the website as well as in an email to families.

We thank the Vermont Department of Health, Dail (Our licensing agency), Upper valley ambulance (our testing site) and all others that serve on the rapid response team. Averte has appreciated the kindness, support and dedication of these professionals charged with keeping us all safe.

We thank our staff for their continued support, our clients for their patience, and our families for their trust.