Averte update – 11-5-20

Hello all – 

Unfortunately, the State of Vermont Travel map (link below) this week shows even more concern with dramatic increases in Covid cases.  As of now, any visitation not already approved to an Averte facility will need to be discussed in detail with Steve Schramm.  In an effort to minimize the amount of restrictions in clients’ daily programming, we will be limiting visitation and client travel. We understand that this comes at a difficult time with the holidays approaching; we are working to develop creative ways to celebrate and support clients within our community.  Although some may believe our restrictions are too strong, we believe our success is due to our vigilance and priority to the safety of the community and your family members.  Averte asks for your understanding and positivity in comforting your loved ones in these restrictive times. 

Please be patient, we anticipate many discussions and will get back to folks as expeditiously as possible.  


Contact info – 

Steve Schramm –  Stephen@averte.com    802-222-9394 

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