Averte Update 10-30-20

Hello all, 


As most of you are all experiencing, the pandemic is continuing its impact rather than abating.   With this said, we are focusing on the holidays and the unfortunate restrictions they impose.  Our strict visitation policy has not lifted, we will continue with a few changes. 

One change is to offering an indoor option now that the cold weather is upon us.  The main campus will utilize a portion of our wellness center for these short, planned visits.  The ideal day to visit is Saturday, this poses the least interruption of activities. The restrictions have not changed, all visits need to be preplanned and follow the Governor’s orders on the quarantine process (link below).  Currently, this order is either a 7 day quarantine in your home state or in VT, followed by a negative PCR test or a full 14 day quarantine.  Quarantine is not leaving the safety of your quarantine site, no trips to the mall, pharmacy, grocery, etc.  This also includes no visitors to your quarantine site as well.  

Holidays are near, unfortunately we do not have enough sites for quarantine to allow for anyone who would like their loved one to visit them and come back and quarantine here.  This means we need possible travel to be discussed soon to plan appropriately.  One option people have chosen is to come to VT for one of the holidays, rent an airbnb, quarantine with their loved one for the 7 days, have them tested and then return to Averte.   Averte can arrange the tests for all clients if local. 

Please reach out with any questions, please be patient as we are fielding many questions, some that need to be mull over as a team.  

We certainly empathize with the desire to see family as we are under the same restrictions.  It is our goal to continue to provide a safe community for all.  8 months covid free, which reminds us that the precautions we are taking are working. 


Thank you for your understanding and patience. 


The Averte team